Three Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux Naturally

Acid reflux is a digestive issue that occurs when your stomach contents come back up your food pipe. Considered to bea result of the imbalance of the Pitta dosha, this condition is caused when the stomach acid travels up the oesophagus. This happens when the sphincter located at the lower end of the food pipe doesn’t open or close at the right time. Our body uses stomach acid to break down the food we eat, but our oesophagus gets irritated by it, leading to complications.

The most common factor for acid reflux is food that’s acidic in nature or high in fat—like citrus fruits (orange, lemon and tomatoes), onions, chocolate, coffee, cheese, and peppermint. Sometimes it’s caused or made worse by other reasons, like being overweight, smoking, stress, and anxiety. Overeating or eating very fast can also increase the chances of acidity as it gives your body a lot more food to digest, slowing down the reaction of your sphincter.

Acid reflux commonly causes symptoms such as heartburn and vomiting. Other symptoms of acid reflux disease include:

  1. Bloating
  2. black stools or bloody vomiting, and
  3. Continuous burping

When managing acid reflux, natural remedies for acidity can be really handy, especially in conjunction with herbal supplements and medicines prescribed by our Ayurvedic doctors. There are a bunch of home remedies for acid reflux that are very effective. Let’s look at a few of them:


Yoga is an easy way you can rectify the symptoms of acid reflux. It’s an activity you can do at home, making it a wonderful way to keep yourself healthy. Through smooth movements and proper posture, relaxing your body can help strengthen the oesophagus by massaging the organ. Asanas like Paschimottanasana, Marjaryasana, and Vajrasana can help improve digestion and blood circulation in the body to shift into a healing state. They stretch and strengthen your body to make the stomach, intestines, and food pipe more flexible and reduce strain on these organs. You can also perform Kapal Bhati every morning. It can prevent multiple stomach issues, including acidity.

All these asanas are excellent natural remedies for acidity and should be performed daily. You can also do these asanas even if you are not suffering from the symptoms of acidity, as they are very good for general well-being and health.

Dietary changes

Honey’s antibacterial properties ease heartburn and other symptoms. Drinking a glass of honey mixed with warm water daily in the morning can work very effectively. Another way to start your day healthily is to drink ginger tea, as it has a similar effect on the body. Including dry fruits, like badam and walnuts, is among the more effective home remedies for acid reflux. Apart from being alkaline in nature, they are rich in proteins, fibres, potassium, omega 3 and healthy fats that empower the oesophagus and reduce acidity.

Making certain changes to your diet can also help prevent and control acid reflux. Having cooling foods, like muskmelon and aloe vera juice, which are rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, and alkaline content, can help heal the stomach and relieve acidity.

Stress management

Stress and anxiety are very tough on your body. They can cause many physically taxing issues, including slowing down digestion and making you more pain-sensitive. If the food you eat sits in your stomach for longer, the stomach acid is likely to reflux. High stress can also increase the amount of stomach acid or gastric acid being produced in the stomach, thereby increasing acidity. Having an increased sensitivity to pain can intensify the burning pain of heartburn. Taking steps to reduce stress using stress free tablets, meditation and relaxation therapy may help ease the effects of acid reflux.

These home remedies for acid reflux can be easily incorporated and adapted into your routine. However, if you’re suffering from acid reflux as frequently as twice a week, it could be a sign of serious damage to your food pipe. Therefore, it’s important to consult with our expert Kristina Juskiene.

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