Ayurvedic Face Wash With True Essence of Nature

Acne and pimples! The bane of teenagers and adult alike all around the world. Pop them and they come back again. Thankfully, nature has given us wonderful acne-busters.

Regular use of Neem, Mint, Tea tree oil, Tulsi, Lemon and Aloe vera washes away excess sebum, dirt, pollution and everything else that causes skin breakouts. Here are two Jiva Ayurveda face washes that contain all of those natural ingredients to give you a smooth skin.

Neem Face Wash


Neem, Tulsi (basil), Aloe vera & Lemon

Who is it for:

Teenagers and adults

Good for:

Reducing blemishes, acne, pimples & breakouts

How to use:

Use twice daily. Apply on wet face, work up a lather, wash away and pat dry.

Jiva Neem Face Wash contains Neem, Tulsi, Aloe vera, and Lemon. Neem has anti-bacterial properties, improves skin health and fights off bacterial infections such as acne and boils. Tulsi lends a beautiful glow to the skin. Lemon is a powerful astringent that tightens the pores while aloe vera keeps the skin soft and smooth.

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