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We are natural health ambassadors 

I grew up in a small village in Lithuania, surrounded by nature and its healing magic. My grandma taught me about healing plants’ power and herbal remedies, and I felt passion in learning and using natural therapies for different diseases.

While taking on my grandma’s wisdom and ancient recipes, I have helped many to relieve their unpleasant symptoms, but I felt the eager to learn more. I have then started studying master herbalist course, followed by CBT course and medical acupuncture. And at the moment I’m also studying aromatherapy.

I’m contacted by many people every day regarding their health problems, immunity issues, autoimmune diseases or any other condition. Helping people to improve their health, or reduce their symptoms, extends my knowledge and personal practice capacity.

Besides my studies and practical aspect, I’m constantly analysing various studies, reading health based books and collecting diverse information on health matters. Particularly, I take interest in autoimmune diseases and parasitology.

I honestly care about every single person and everyone who comes to me, receives all my knowledge and support that I can offer.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

~ Joyce Meyer

Today we can find a wide range of different food supplements and vitamins, but most people don’t really understand what goes inside them. My mission is to source and find the best vitamins and products, where the ingredients are as natural as possible, without any harsh additives or unhealthy sweeteners. 

I believe that what goes inside you – creates your health and how you feel. Therefore, I’m passionate in ensuring that people come to my online store and find the most pure supplements and products possible, which will benefit their health the most.


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    I could not recommend Kristina enough!!! She is truly the person with her best interest and best intentions to every single person she meets. I have been in one of her ‘ cleaning programs ‘ , and the service she gives to every person is just amazing. We’ve not only been educated with online lectures, but had all the support needed throughout the 15 days program. Ir wasn’t easy and I don’t think that many would complete the program, if Kristina wouldn’t give her support in every single step. I Highly recommend Herbamelia and Kristina!

    Justina Zen / Facebook

    Kristina – the best thing that happened to me, this spring. Only the best recommendations. This is a person who cares about every client, who works from the heart and feels with heart. heart. When I was confused, Kristina gave me hope, gave me advice on how to deal with my health problems. I also participated in a 15-day gut cleaning program, which I recommend to everyone. I gained a lot of knowledge during this course. I also think it will allow me to further adjust my diet and lifestyle in the future. Thank you from heart to heart.

    Joana Gulbinovic / Facebook

    Today is the last day of a parasite cleanup program. I’m so happy with myself and want to share so others can feel it too. The program is prepared with confidence, comes with a box, prepared with love, and with everything you need. The menu is simple, uncomplicated, and delicious. The sensations are great; the energy is flowing. My eyes brightened, plaque from the tongue disappeared. The vegetables regained their true taste; the craving for sweets and coffee disappeared. And all this is crowned by Kristina’s care, attentive management of each day. I feel infinite gratitude, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

    Zita Cistoviene / Facebook