Saaf Saaf Tablets 120 Natural Bowel Cleanser


iva Saaf-Saaf Tablet contains herbs like Nisotha and amla which are collected, finely sorted and then grounded into powder. This powder is processed in fresh herbal juices and small tablets are made from it. The tablet alleviates the aggravated tridosha. It purges the system in addition to being a digestive. It is also recommended for the treatment of chronic constipation. We have chosen quality ingredients from organic environs for you and sorted them to ensure unmatched efficiency.

Helps in constipation, regulates peristaltic movements, and helps clean the bowels

The sanay leaves help in eradicating constipation and in the process of deworming. The Nisotha root helps in the treatment of piles, jaundice, abdominal disorders and odema while Indrayan is a blood purifier. Draksha acts as a cholagogue and increases the general strength of the body. The three fruits, Triphala (Amla, Haritaki and Vibhataki) reduce the indigestion and act as a rejuvenator.

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